Fun with Makeup



What do you think about when you hear this word? When I googled the word, the search engine came up with over 300 million results! Some of those results, but not limited to, were cosmetic brand websites, tutorials, and top cosmetic industry news. It is very clear that this word is very integrated into today’s society.

Make-up is something that I have grown up with. I was allowed to start wearing it in high school. I began with just mascara and blush and it grew into something greater. Now, I enjoy trying different brands and improving on my skills of applying different colors and different formulas. In high school, I would have never been able to tell someone the difference between different foundation finishes, but now I can even explain how each eye shadow can have a different formula or texture. The more I watch, read and learn about this, the more I become passionate about it. It is truly something enjoy.

However, for those who are novice in this area, it can be quite overwhelming. Even for me, walking into Ulta and trying to make a decision on what to get can be a very long task. This isn’t even the only beauty store. You have Sephora, Sallys, Target, CVS, Walmart, and even more online stores. People watch videos online to get reviews of products, but most can’t even keep up with all the makeup releases that happen on a regular basis.

The saving grace, makeup is based on what you like and what you feel beautiful wearing. It can be a form of art, as you create a look with different colors. And while someone might not agree with how you do your makeup, that’s okay because it’s not permanent. You can just a new look the next day. That’s a part of the meaning of beauty is being comfortable in our own skin and feeling beautiful with who we are, including the use of make-up.

I will create other posts about makeup that will include thoughts on different products and other news going on in the cosmetic industry. We can learn together. Are there any makeup related topics that you would like a post on? Comment and let me know! I love learning new things and expanding on a passion besides being a mother to my kids 🙂