My Favorite YouTube Beauty Guru’s


As I had stated in yesterday’s post, my passion for make-up has grown tremendously over the past year. YouTube has been a place where I have been able to foster this growth. I have been able to learn about a variety of techniques, a wide range of products, inspiration for different looks, and the importance of different skincare products. What makes these channels even more entertaining to watch is the wide variety of personalities. It’s amazing how easy it becomes to binge watch your favorite beauty guru’s. Below I will give my list for my top 10 favorite beauty channels and why I continue to watch their videos.

  1. RachhLoves – She is so bubbly and I truly enjoy watching her videos from start to finish. She is positive, upbeat and always seems to make me laugh. Her style of reviewing products is easy to follow and informative. Plus she seems like an amazing mother! I would HIGHLY recommend watching her videos.
  2. Kathleen Lights – She seems like American Sweetheart and an all around positive person. I enjoy that she reviews a lot of drugstore makeup and her tutorials are very easy to follow. She really makes sure that you, as a viewer, can re-create her looks.
  3. Thataylaa – She has been one of my newer discoveries on YouTube. She is known for the numerous amounts of foundation reviews she posts on her channel. Her two different foundation series are Foundation Friday and 15 Days of Foundation. She has truly made me understand what I want out of my makeup and how I want it to look. Plus she is from one of my favorite areas, Seattle!
  4. Casey Holmes – I enjoy her monthly favorites videos. She goes over a wide range of products and then has her favorite songs of the month. I love those types of twists in videos.
  5. Jen Luvs Reviews – She does not claim to be beauty guru but this is what makes her easy to relate to. She’s a mother of two and just loves makeup. Her reviews are thorough and I have learned a lot about different ingredients in makeup.
  6. WhatWouldLizzyDo – She is so energetic! Again, I think her reviews are solid and she brings a lot of her personality to the table, which really makes her channel stand out. She also shows some of her dancing, which is totally amazing. In addition, she does a blog channel that is very entertaining.
  7. Jessica Braun – Mom-to-be Jessica is very down to earth and loves drugstore make-up. When she tries high end, she makes sure to do an in-depth trail period to make sure that the product is worth the extra cost. Plus, she is super into Disney which totally speaks to my heart (I am a total Disney freak, by the way).
  8. Roxette Arisa – I feel like I have said this 100 times, but it is definitely a quality I look for within the YouTubers I watch. She has great energy and is upbeat. In addition, she is really in tune with what is coming out in the market. She is also a part of the Ipsy bag team,  so she is definitely trying a wide range of products.
  9. Tati – I watch Tati for pure entertainment, as a lot of the products she reviews are luxury or high-end. She does all day wear tests with check-ins which gives her audience a better idea of how a product actually preforms. She does a wide range of products, including skin care. Oh and she posts 5 days a week, so the amount of content she puts out is outstanding.
  10. Madison Miller – Madison is the newest YouTuber I have begun to watch. She is really relatable and is part of the Ipsy team. I am currently enjoying binge watching her videos.

Please keep in mind that these are my opinions. I watch other beauty guru’s, but these are the ones that stand out to me and that I relate to. Leave a comment below with who your favorite Beauty YouTuber is and why 🙂 Talk to you soon in my next blog!