Sleepless Nights


One of the first things that my body had to adjust to with being a new mother was the countless nights where I would get less than four hours of sleep a night. These nights began when I was pregnant. My body slowed down significantly and moving became harder. When I was pregnant my son would start moving in my belly the instant I would get myself into bed. This theme continued when he was born. He would be up multiple times per night and would be extremely loud. Now that he’s four, and still doesn’t consistently sleep through the night. We will have several months where he is able to sleep and then go through a bad period where he will be up multiple times per night.

My son is an older brother to two younger girls, who are two years old and five months old. My two year old has been amazing. She slept through the night early on and almost always wakes up happy.

My five month old daughter has taken after my son. She continues not to sleep through the night, and is usually up about twice per night. While she is happy when she wakes up, it’s hard for me to stay patient with her because I am so exhausted.

I do not look forward to the nights but because I am a stay-at-home mom, I attempt to give my husband as much sleep as possible for work the next day. What makes the nights super rough is when multiple kids get up at multiple times. You feel like you are going to go crazy and there have been times where I have sat and cried because I am so tired.

The reason I am writing about this tonight is that I saw a chart in my children’s pediatrician office about how much sleep we are supposed to get at different ages. It came to no surprise that I hardly ever come close to getting enough sleep. I have begun to wonder how it would feel to get so much sleep that I actually felt rested on a regular basis. Would it be easier for me to loose weight? Would my skin be in better shape? Would have less irritability? Would I be a better mother?

It’s amazing how much lack of sleep can affect us during our daily schedule. Due to these revelations and to being so desperate to just sleep even 5 hours in a row, I want to make sure I am making a conscious effort to get more sleep and to improve the areas I struggle because of my lack of sleep.

The struggle is real….