Going Cruelty-Free in California


Cosmetics standards continue to change each and every year. As consumers continue to have higher standards for the products that they use, companies develop or change current formulas to meet the demands. One main factor that has been a rising concern for consumers is cruelty-free products. One of my daughters has even made the choice to use cruelty-free products. However, there is still a long way to go before we don’t have to worry about products that are being tested on animals.

When looking on a global basis, many countries have made regulations that protect animals from animal testing and giving standards for the cosmetic industry. The United States continues not to have many regulations for the cosmetic industry and no regulations on animal testing. This is starting to change on the state level. Joining New York and Hawaii, Senator Cathleen Galgiani introduced the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, which prohibit the sales of products that have been tested on animals by the year 2020.

If this comes to fruition, I believe that we will start to see a huge shift in the cosmetic industry. We will finally start to see the major players change the way they manufacture and test their products. The reason this will make it difficult for companies to move toward cruelty-free products is that their products are produced or manufactured in China and they mandate that products be tested on animals. This means that companies would make a HUGE shift in how they test and manufacture their products.

I find this topic fascinating. Many organizations, groups, and people have fought many years to get regulations in place for animal testing and California has long been the leader. The other interesting part of all of this is knowing that the United States is very behind in this area when you compare to the world wide standard.

Until this passes, we will have to continue to use different methods to research whether or not a product is cruelty-free. A couple of websites you can use to see if a product is cruelty-free is crueltyfreekitty.com or peta.org. You can also check the companies website directly or contact the company to check their cruelty-free status. I hope you guys found this as interesting as I did. What are your thoughts on this act that is going through California, New York and Hawaii? What are your stances on cruelty free? As a reminder, this is a safe space. I want to make sure we are respectful of each other’s opinions and that we are having good discussions.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!