February Loves and Yucks


I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend!

This is a few days late, but I had a few other blog post ideas that I wanted to write first. Items that I include in these posts will go beyond just make-up. Having kids allows me to experience a wide range of products and develop a different opinion on them. In addition, my son’s speech therapist has provided me with a whole different outlook on toys and learning items you should look at for your kids ūüôā I never thought I would think about what kinds of toys I buy so much.

My Loves:

  1. NYX¬†Micro brow Pencil- This pencil has been a great addition to my routine. I am still growing my make-up collection, but brows have been my new improvement goal in my routine. I love that this pencil is so small that you can make more brow like hairs. It makes it much easier to draw in your brow. I never thought I would say that and I always had a hard time understanding what Beauty Guru’s meant when they were reviewing pencils. Now I totally get it! Yay! If I need more assistance filling in my brows, I use the Milani brow powder. I will say that the Milani pencil I tried is too thick and does not create a seamless brow.
  2. Anastasia Modern¬†Renaissance¬†Palette¬†– I purchased this¬†palette¬†in December, but I have been loving it for multiple months. It is very pigmented and the colors blend great! The shimmers in the¬†palette¬†can be subtle for every day looks, but can also carry an¬†extra punch if you use them wet. It’s been perfect for the winter time weather.
  3. Little People Pink Bus – My daughter has been playing with this bus non-stop! She puts her Disney characters in the bus and drives them everywhere. They usually drive from her playhouse to a restaurant. She takes this bus in the car and it entertains her for hours!
  4. Play-doh sets – The Play-doh sets have been great for my son. This was a toy that was suggested by our speech therapist. While this toy can be very messy, my son has been able to learn many different words and expand his imaginary play. Each set that you get opens up a whole new door for a variety of new words. Plus he has a lot of fun while he’s doing it!

My Yucks:

  1. Car Legos – While this might be a surprise to some, my husband and I have realized that our kids are not old enough for it yet. I had to build the lego for them and once it was built, they had a hard time keeping them together. What I would suggest instead is getting the Duplo legos and encouraging kids to build what’s in their imagination. This is the way my kids enjoy it right¬†now. I will try legos again once my son’s speech develops more.
  2. CeraVe Cleanser and Moisturizer – This one came as a huge shocker to me. I have been wanting to get into a good skin care routine and did a lot of research before I purchased these. Both of these products had great reviews and a lot of the YouTubers I watch love these! Sadly, both of the products broke-out both myself and my husband.¬†Unfortunately¬†I can’t suggest a ride or die product at this time because we are still searching for the perfect items. I have tried the Derma-E anti-aging and that was ok.

These are my loves and yucks for the month of February. Please keep in mind that these won’t hold for everyone. Let me know in the comments below what your favorites for the month were and I might give them a try!