Communication within a Marriage


Throughout my youth, marriage was a topic that was brought up frequently. Everyone has their own views and opinions on what a healthy marriage is like and what you need to look for in a person before getting married. Whether or not you are Christian, marriage always seemed to be one of those moments that would be the biggest decision of your life. And while marriage can be very difficult, there is one key thing that makes it significantly easier to navigate; communication.

While there are other factors that assist in a healthy relationship, communication is integrated into every part of a relationship. If a couple does not communicate well, then it can affect your trust, your vulnerability, your honesty, ect. When someone tells you that your significant other needs to be your best friend, this is extremely true. My husband and I are accountable to each other. He knows everything from past, my present, and what my future dreams/goals/fears are. We are transparent with each other.

Another reason why strong communication is important is because we continue to evolve as human beings and as a couple you need to be able to work through these changes. Many people say that you can’t change someone or that someone will be stuck in their ways is an inaccurate perspective. While it is true that you can’t force someone into changing, you can communicate and work through situations that help you evolve and decide to change your thinking and reactions to different situations. I can say from personal experience that I am not the same person I was 5 years ago or even 2 months ago. The longer I am with my husband, I adapt to make our relationship healthier. We communicate our needs to each other and compromise on things that we need to in order to make each other happy. We serve each other in order to meet each other’s needs.

This also bleeds into the area of making me a strong mother. I am not saying that I am perfect by any means, but if I display strong communication skills to my children then they will learn to communicate well to others. While I don’t need to be blunt and inappropriate with my children, I am honest with them about what good communication can do for them. This also means gently letting them know the areas I have struggled in and grown in. We can learn from each other and that’s the beauty of having strong communication.

I don’t ever have to worry about things being hidden from me or worry about my husband lying because my husband and I  have a strong foundation we have put down as a couple. What makes this foundation indestructible is that my husband and I both base our relationship on Christ and His love. I will dive into this in another post, but realize that even if you are not a believer, communication will play a gigantic role in  a strong relationship.

While I know this post won’t help everybody, it is just a guide to hopefully answer some questions or provide support. How does communication play a role in your relationship? Leave this in the comments below, and remember that this is a safe place for people to be open and honest.

Until next time…