In My Long Absence…


I write my post today, saddened that it has almost been two weeks since I have last posted. I have enjoyed what writing has brought to me during this time in my life where I am a stay at home mom. It’s been my outlet and a way to express my voice. It has even enhanced my passion for make-up. However, this comes with a learning curve of how to fit this into my schedule with my children.

My son has recently been enrolled in pre-school and has continued meeting with speech once a week. Along with this, my husband has taken the opportunity to start his own blog to tell his life stories. Juggling my duties to being a mother and wife while trying out something new is very difficult. Time can get away from you and then I have had days where I have felt little to no motivation. However, I am determined to continue writing as it brings me much joy. I have lots of new ideas to write about and have begun several new blog posts. I am so excited for the upcoming content.

I have more beauty blogs coming in the near future. As promised, I will be updating everyone on my thoughts to the recent product hauls I have done. I continue to test these products so that I can give you my final thoughts. I will also be posting about my trip this weekend to Ipsy Generation Beauty. This was a brand new experience for me and I defiantly have things that I loved about the event and things that I would change for next year. I will go through the goodie bag that we received, free items that I got at the booths I visited, and what I purchased with my own money.

In addition to beauty, I have many ideas, tips, tricks and thoughts about Disneyworld and Disneyland. I have some awesome ideas to help plan your next vacation, items you shouldn’t forget, amazing rides, and history surrounding both parks. Our family LOVES Disney and has become a passion of mine. My kids enjoy each and every trip we take to Disneyland and I love seeing the pure joy in their faces when we go.

Lastly, I will have random topics come up about wedding planning tips, stories from my life, my Faith in Christ, motherhood and whatever else inspires me. In my first post I had stated that I would post Monday/Wednesday/Friday but I have amended this for the time being. I will still try to post regularly, but I can not guarantee which days I will post. I need to make sure my family remains my top priority. Thank you for your patience in my absence as I continue to get used to fitting a new passion of mine into my life. Let me know in the comments below if there’s any topics you would like me to discuss.

Until Next Time…