The Magic of Disneyworld


When I think about Disneyworld, I will always think about my very first trip there. This was the trip where my husband proposed to me and he did everything in his power to make it the most memorable trip of a lifetime. We spent 10 days away from home and had an adventure each and every day. Even the struggles that occurred on this trip made the story even better and more unique. I had been planning this vacation for months and little did I know that my husband had been doing the same.

My Disneyworld story begins the day we left for Florida. My husband seemed extra irritable and you could tell something was bothering him. This was easy to tell as he has always been one of the happiest people on Earth. I kept asking him what was wrong he would just keep trying to brush it off. Once we made it to our gate and I finally asked him what was going on and why he was so tense. He finally told me that he purchased a ring and it had been lost in the mail. In addition to this, he bought a temporary replacement ring and had accidentally left it at home. Now many of you might wonder why he told me, but we have always been very honest with each other; he can’t keep anything from me. I told him it didn’t matter and that this trip would still be amazing. Again, little did I know he was still working on correcting this problem.

The flight to Florida seemed endless. Like most travel, it took us all day to get to Florida and by the time we got there, all we wanted to do was shower and freshen up. We got to our hotel and realized we were a little early to check into our room, but thankful housekeeping had already gotten the room ready. I opened the door to the hotel room and I found a rose and a bracelet sitting on our bed. I began to tear-up knowing that husband was being super romantic. Later in the trip, my husband told me that was when he originally planned on starting his proposal process, but the ring was still missing in action. After I cleared my tears, we cleaned up and got ready for the rest of our Disneyworld adventures.

The trip seemed like a blur. We went on every ride we could and shopping in every single store. We also went pin trading (will touch on in another blog) and got pictures with some of Disney’s favorite characters. Oh and you can’t forget all the food we ate! During our shopping trips, I would shop for souvenirs while my husband would look for cheap alternative rings, but he was unable to ever find one.

One evening he finally received a phone call from his mother that the ring was finally sent to her house and she had already overnighted it to our hotel. He was beyond happy! He knew that his dream of proposing at Disneyworld would finally become a reality. The next morning he woke up with a phone call from the front desk that his package had been delivered. He came to me and made up some excuse to leave the room. It felt like he had left for a long while, but had returned and was ready to head to the park.

We went to the Magic Kingdom park that day and begun watching different parades and shows. After awhile, I was ready to go on some roller coasters and begin our fast passes for the day. You could tell my husband was tense and he had no interest in going on rides at that point. He took my hand and began to lead me towards Cinderella’s Wishing Well. Once we actually found it, he got down on one knee and actually proposed! The moment felt absolutely magical. Of course I said yes and waited a few moments for him to put the ring on my finger, but he continue to kneel and look straight into my eyes.  He had forgotten to put the ring on my finger. It made me smile because he was so nervous. Once he realized that I was waiting for the ring to be slipped onto my finger, he stood up and placed it on my hand. A family who was passing by offered to take our picture. To be honest, it took me awhile to process and have this moment sink into brain. I was actually engaged. In addition to the rings, he had gotten “Just Engaged” buttons from the hotel staff. He placed these buttons on our lanyards, where our other pins were, and the Disney staff congratulated us for the rest of our trip.

After we spent a few minutes catching our breath, we called our families and then hit the roller coasters. While waiting in line for rides, we updated our Facebook page (yes, this was still a big thing when we got engaged) and were texting other friends. It was amazing how many people reached out to us that day and let us know how excited they were for us.

Once this day passed, the rest of our vacation flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go home. I couldn’t believe it was over. The exciting part was that we came home and were able to share our memories and excitement with our family. This trip was truly magical. Our buttons and pins are now placed on our pin board as a constant reminder of how much of a special memory it was to be there. This moment was perfect and I couldn’t have pictured a better proposal story. This will forever be a memory that always remains close to my heart! What is a memory for you that will always be special?

Until Next Time…