My Trip to Ipsy Generation Beauty


Hello Everyone!

It took me a couple of days to process this event and I realized that one blog won’t be enough. For those who are not aware, Ipsy Generation Beauty is like the LA Car Show for make-up lovers and enthusiasts. The company that organized the event was Ipsy, a subscription service for sample size beauty items for ten dollars per month. Many people attend this event from creators, make-up artists and the general public. The event is held over two days and many different brands have booths displaying different products. Some brands would also give away free product while others give deep discounts. During these two days, many creators from YouTube will have meet and greets where you can take pictures with them. With the price of your ticket, you get a goodie bag with a wide variety of beauty products. While I only purchased an admission ticket, you are able to purchase add-ons to your ticket that allow you to get into a “fast pass” line, be able to enter the event an hour earlier than general admission, and participate in education sessions held by different brands. Again, all these were at an additional cost. This was my first time to an event like this and I was so excited to attend!

I begun to get ready for the first day of Ipsy Generation Beauty and took a little extra time to make sure my make-up was on point.  I was looking forward to some time away from the kids to recharge, seeing what brands were there, how others did their make-up, and what beauty items came in the beauty bag. Even the car ride was relaxing. I was able to listen to my own music and sing as loud as I wanted to down the highway. I pulled up to the LA Convention Center and could not wait to see what was inside. The check-in process was longer than I anticipated because I was a little late and there was still a line going out the door. It didn’t take me too long to get my ticket and once inside, I was ready to explore.

As I walked in the double doors and was overwhelmed by how many booths that were set up. I walked around to see some of my favorite brands there. However, each booth seemed to have a long line and I was very unsure of where to start. At this point, I didn’t even know if you were just getting free products while waiting in the line or if you had to purchase products. Eventually I decided to pick a line and begin the waiting process. My first line was Bioderma, which I had never used before. It took me over 45 minutes to get through this line and it turns out that I had to pay for products. I did purchase a bottle of Bioderma, but I did get nervous that this would be what my whole day was like. My second line that I decided to wait in was Luxie Brushes. This line moved quickly and I was able to receive a free brush! This boosted my spirits and provided me the motivation to wait in other lines.

This was what  the event was made of. I would move from line to line and see if the booths had giveaways and see if there were any products that I wanted to purchase. While the event didn’t seem overly crowded, there were a lot of lines and a lot of people.

There was food available at the convention center to purchase and Ipsy organized food trucks to be at the event. I can’t speak to the quality of the food trucks because I did not realize they were there until I had already purchased other food. I will go more over the food below.

The event did have an MC, who was also a YouTube creator. She would move from booth to booth announcing the different creators and performers that were there. She assisted in getting all the attendees excited about the event. The other idea was that she would entertain all those that were waiting in line and help them organize their day.

Below I have listed my top 3 pro’s and con’s of the event:


  • The Goodie Bag – The goodie bag was filled with a variety of beauty products! Some of these products were full sized and some were sample sizes. I couldn’t believe all the products that were included. I look forward to using and trying all of these products.
  • Wide Variety of Brands had Booths – My favorite brands had booths at the event. I was able to play with different products from Physician’s Formula, Pixi Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, Luxie Brushes and many more. In addition, I was able to learn about brands that I was not aware of. Most brands gave away some products so that I could see if I would be interested in purchasing more products from that line.
  • Many Different YouTube Creators – There were many meet and greats through the two days of the events. While I didn’t know all of the creators at the event, there were several that I currently watch their video’s on a regular basis. It was cool to be able to see them at the event and be able to have the option to get a photograph with them.


  • Long Lines – These lines would not always seem that long, but you would be standing there for upwards of thirty minutes. The event did offer a “fast pass” type of program, but this comes at an additional cost. For those who are unable to pay, the lines took a lot of time. Not every booth seemed very organized and some lines moved much slower than others, no matter how long they were.
  • Expensive Food – Some might not agree with me on this but for what you get, the food was expensive and just okay. I can’t speak to the food trucks, as I didn’t realize they were there until later. The food had long lines and you got little for what you paid for. It would have been cool to have some snacks there that you could munch on while you were waiting in the lines.
  • No Parking – While this is the case most of the time you head to Los Angeles, it was still frustrating. You pay a high price for the admission ticket and once you get there, you have to pay for parking. Budgeting for this event can be quite difficult because there are so many extras to pay for outside of that admission ticket.

My Final Thoughts:

I did enjoy the event and would attend again, but would do things differently the next time. The first major thing I would do is purchase the “fast pass” so that I would not have to spend so much time in the lines. I was unable to make it to participate in any meet and greets because I was dealing with all the lines from the booths. With all these lines, the event would take two days. I only went to one day because I went with my family to Disneyland on the second day, which I will write about in a different blog.  It was hard to get motivated for a second day due to the amount of time you spent standing doing nothing. I would also be very interested in trying the education classes that they offered, but it was too expensive for me to attend this year. I wish that Ipsy would have provided more information prior to the event because I had no idea what to expect, but luckily there were people at the event to assist you with any questions. The last thing is that I would bring a friend along, so that you had someone to share the experience. Please let me know if you have any questions below. Has anyone else had an experience at a beauty event? Share below 😀

Until Next Time…