Another Ulta Haul!


I can’t believe it! I have another haul from Ulta! Ok, so I know that I have had a lot of haul’s lately, but my husband and I have had the opprotunity to be able to increase my make-up collection. In addition, it is the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta and there was one item in particular that I really wanted to pick up, which was the Buxom Full On Lip Creams. Of course I picked up a few more items while I was at Ulta because it’s hard to go there for just one item! I have been trying these products for a couple of weeks and will let you know my thoughts below.

  1. Buxom Full On Lip Creams – Like I stated above, this was one item I really wanted to purchase during the 21 Days of Beauty. I purchased the shades White Russian and Rose Julep. I am obsessed with the feeling that these lip creams give you! It is a minty feeling and makes my lips feel fresh, as weird as that sounds. They are nice and glossy, plus they make my lips look juicy. I am so in love with these and I am so glad I purchased them.
  2. Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Foundation – There is a story behind this foundation of why I purchased it. Like you have read in a previous blog, I had bought the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream expecting to have this be the most amazing product. While I still enjoy it, I wanted to try something out that would last through IPSY Generation Beauty. I had been doing some research and several YouTubers had been enjoying the new Wet N Wild cushion foundation. I knew this wouldn’t be full coverage, but I was really curious. Initially, I wanted to try the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, but the Ulta that I was out did not carry LA Girl in store, so I begun to look for an alternative. I saw this foundation, was able to find my shade and they had a $1.00 off coupon. So I bought it! First thing I will say about the foundation is the shade range NEEDS to be expanded. I purchased the shade Natural Beige and it is slightly dark, but I can make it work. This was the closest shade to my skin tone. And I know that if I am struggling to find a shade, I know many other people will too, especially on either side of the spectrum (i.e. really light and really deep skin tones). So for the actual formula, I LOVE it! The coverage was perfect! It is a high medium coverage on my skin and can be built up without looking cakey. It has a luminous finish, but does not look greasy on my skin. In addition, it lasts all day long. I wore this to IPSY Generation Beauty and was really impressed with how it held up all day long. Would totally recommend if you can find shade!
  3. ColourPop Trifecta Lip Bundle – This lip bundle comes in three different shades My Jam (Ultra Glossy Lip), Reign (Ultra Satin Lip), and Knotty (Ultra Matte Lip). All these colors are fairly neutral and are beautiful on the lips. My favorites are Reign and Knotty. They last well on the lips and are very comfortable, in my opinion. My Jam is the gloss that is a gold shade with gold sparkles. It is beautiful, but isn’t super long lasting and if you are not careful, the glitters can shed to your face. I enjoy the Buxom Lips Creams more. For a more affordable option, I enjoy the NYX butter glosses.

I hope this haul was helpful and you were able to grab some good information on these products. I am hoping to pick up a couple of other items during the Ulta Sale and will let you know if I purchase any other items. I am enjoying the new products I have been picking up and I will continue to play with them. I will also be doing a blog post soon on the items that I picked up from IPSY Generation Beauty. Just as an fyi, I will have other blogs topics coming besides beauty. I have many other topic ideas! Please let me know below if you have picked up any items from the Ulta sale.

Until Next Time…