Life Changes


I write this blog with more of a heavy and emotional heart. It has been a couple of weeks since I have written a blog post, as I continue to heal from a major event that happened in my life. What I will be writing about is something that I need to get off my chest and is a topic I am very passionate about. I also need to note that not everyone will agree with me and that’s ok.

As we transition from teenagers into young adults, we feel that there are certain rights of passage that we go through. Some of these things would include buying your first car, going off to college or even getting your first “grown-up” job. Some of these life events center around birthdays, like buying cigarettes on your 18th birthday or going to a bar on your 21st birthday. Even a current change that is going through the country is using marijuana. But one thing that is not talked about enough are the dangers that come along with these “rights of passage,” especially when you participate in those things and then choose to drive when you are not safe to do so.

Many people experience going to a party and having a good time or “loosening up” after a long hard day at work/school. The difficult thing about these scenarios are the choices that are made afterwards. The question would seem obvious but yet so many make the mistake. Am I safe to drive? Some will think that they are so close to home that there is no need to worry or some even think that they are a better driver under the influence. These thoughts are like playing with fire. You don’t know how things are going to turn out or who you are going to affect. It takes one time, one choice, one mistake for something negative to happen. What was once just a party or a get together is now a bad memory with consequences that have to be dealt with for a lifetime.

What I am eluding to is driving under the influence. When you google DUI’s or DUI with an arrest, you get a multitude of results. What remains consistent is that many people make the choice every single year, week and day. While there are times that a person may make it home safe and sound, there are others where an event occurs. A person can get pulled over, you can hit a sign, hit a pedestrian or you can hit a car full of passengers. Not only does this event change your life, but you are changing someone else’s life. Not only do you have to leave with that mistake, but then deal with the consequences that come with the choice you made.

I know this seems random and out of nowhere and I am currently unable to provide any clarification. I hope to write about it in the future as I continue to heal and move forward. My husband has written about the experience as well. You can find his blog at and this will be able to provide some background. Out of this experience, I have been affirmed that my family is protected by an angel and by the grace of God.

As far as my blog, I promise that more writings are coming and that I am working on getting back into the groove. I enjoy my blog as a place to write, process and move forward. I look forward to everyone reading my future content.

Until Next Time…