Generation Beauty Goodie Bag


It’s finally that time to go over what I received in my goodie bag at Ipsy Generation Beauty. It has been some time since I went to this event, so I have had a chance to try some of the products. I have not been able to test them all because I do not wear make-up on a daily basis. I did my best to split the products into different categories, but I believe there is a random one. Just for a warning, this post will be a little long, so grab a drink, a snack and ENJOY!

Lip Products:

  1. Katy Kat Gloss in the shade Cantaloupe – I have yet to try this product, but it smells like vanilla. It’s a nude color with tiny little sparkles. I look forward to testing out the formula.
  2. MAC Frost Lipstick in the shade Costa Chic – This lipstick is a very bright shade of pink. Upon initially looking at this color, I was very intimated but I have ended up loving this product! The formula is great and long wearing. It does not feather or move around on the lips. I used this product going to Disneyland and truly enjoyed it.
  3. IBY Beauty Velour Liquid Lips in the shade Naked – I have not tried this liquid lip yet, but it is a beautiful nude color. The only downside that I can see about this lip product so far is that it does not smell good! It smells like chemicals. Hopefully that scent does not last for a long period of time.
  4. Bellapierre Lipstick in the shade Ruby – I have tried this lipstick once on the way to Disneyland. It was comfortable and a beautiful red, but it began to bleed within 10 minutes of having it on my lips. I took this off and replaced it with another product. I am willing to try this product again with a lipliner to see if I can get it to work.
  5. Laritzy Cosmetics Lip Pencil in the shade Beau – This is a pretty rusty red shade. When I swatch it, it feels creamy and comfortable on my hand. This shade doesn’t go with the lipstick I listed above, but I am excited to try it with other products.
  6. Dirty Little Secret Lip Gloss in the shade vampy – This product smells like vanilla and is a dark wine shade of lip gloss. It feels light weight. My daughter wanted to try this shade 🙂 It is a nice wash of color, easy to apply and does not appear sticky.
  7. Essence Lipstick in the shade Cool Nude #5 – The product smells like a typical lipstick, but it is not overpowering in any way. It’s a cool-toned nude and very beautiful. I will be able to get a lot of use out of this product.
  8. Note Cosmetics Hydra Color Lipgloss in the shade #13 Fiesta – This is a nice coral shade with small little sparkles. The gloss smells like vanilla. The product has argan oil and cocoa butter, so it is very healthy for your lips.
  9. IBY Beauty Velour Liquid Lips in the shade flirt – This is a lighter nude than the previous IBY product I had listed. It has the same scent and I am still worried that the scent will not go away. I will let you know any updates as I have them.

Face Masks and Sheet Masks

I have listed the masks below, but thought I would take a second to say my thoughts as I have only tried two of these masks. The ones that I have tried were the Vitamin C mask and charcoal mask from Derma-E. Out of these two masks, I enjoyed the charcoal mask. My skin felt extremely soft afterwards. I look forward to trying the rest of these masks and finding some new favorites.

  1. The Creme Shop Matcha Green Tea Face Mask
  2. Derma E Variety Pack – This included a Firming Magnetic Clay Mask, Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask and Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.
  3. Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Peel-off Mask
  4. Lancome Paris Hydrogel Melting Mask
  5. Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask

Face and Eye Shadow Products

  1. Maybelline City Mini Palette in Urban Jungle – I have yet to try this product. At first glance, a few of the shades have glitter, so I plan on purchasing a glitter glue to help with fall-out and enhance the look. I am hopefully that the glitter glue will allow this to be an amazing palette.
  2. Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter in the shade Pearl – I have not had a chance to try this product yet because I have added several new highlighters to my collection. I have heard mixed reviews on this highlighter but look forward to developing my own thoughts.
  3. The Balm Eye Shadow in the shade Willkommen – There is not much to say about this eye shadow. I was disappointed that this product was a small pan size and didn’t come with another eye shadow to pair with it and make a look out of it. With that said, the shadow is creamy and easily blendable. I have used it in my outer corner to provide dimension to my looks.
  4. IBY Beauty Radiant Glow Highlighter in the shade 24K Magic – I love this highlighter. It provides you a glow from within that is a light pinker shade. The shade can also be built up to be a little more blinding. I have truly enjoyed this product.
  5. Pixi by Petra Liquid Fairy Lights in the shade SunRay – I am so happy that I received a product like this. The Pixi staff member explained that these glitter shadows are like the Stila Glitter Shadows, which are very hyped on social media. The swatches were so beautiful that I bought two more, which I will list below. These are stunning and wore beautifully through the day. It makes me a little more anxious to try the Stila version of these. I have also heard that Milani is coming out with a similar product.
  6. The Balm Girls Getaway Blush Trio – The shades are Balm Springs, Balm Beach and Balm Desert. This is another product that I love! It has the perfect pigmentation that allows you to get a nice wash of color. These colors can also be built up if you like your blushes to be a little more intense. In addition, it lasts very well throughout the day. I would highly recommend this product.

Liners, Lashes and Brows

  1. Eylure #116 Lashes – I did try these lashes once because I misplaced them and they were the first set of lashes I had ever tried. They were pretty, but very subtle on my eyes. They were easy to apply and the band was easy to manipulate. This did make me curious to try other lashes that were a little more bold and fluffy.
  2. Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen – I received two of these eyeliners. I have tried them and enjoy the formula. They are creamy and easy to glide on. It lasted all day and did not smear onto my lower lash line. I truly look forward to using this product on other make-up looks.
  3. Pop Beauty Kajal Pen – Have not yet been able to try or swatch this eyeliner. I am trying to move through things one step at a time and make sure that the product lasts for a long time.
  4. Essence Eyeliner Pen – I have not tried this eyeliner pen yet. I did look up the reviews on this product on the Ulta website. The ratings were low, but I will still give this eyeliner a shot. One review said this product dried out fast, so I will begin to use it when I run out of my Curvatude Eyeliner.
  5. Buxom Big Tease Eyebrow Mascara – Unfortunately, I still do not always do my brows so I have not tried this product either. I look forward to seeing how this product performs.


I don’t feel the need to list these brushes individually. I received one brush from MODA brushes, two from Luxie and one from IBY Beauty. I have enjoyed each and every one of these brushes. They have cleaned well and have not had any shedding.

Skincare and Primers

Skincare is one area of my beauty routine that I am currently trying to refine. When looking at all these products, it is slightly overwhelming. As I began trying some of these products, I was frustrated because the sample sizes are so small! How can you fully try a product and see if it works when it is so small? I will go ahead and list all the products with a short blurb on how I like them. Please keep in mind that skincare products are very individualized.

  1. Derma E Radiance Toner – Love! It is gentle on the skin and provides a little moisture.
  2. Too-Faced Hangover Rx Spray – I have not tried this product. This is one where I am frustrated on how small the sample size is.
  3. Eva-nye 10 in 1 Primer Spray – I have not tried this product, but it does have some big claims. Hopefully it can live up to those claims.
  4. PUR Correcting Primer – I love this primer! I felt like it held up to its claims and assisted in my foundation lasting longer throughout the day, especially on my nose. However, the sample size of this products was too small to test out for a long enough period. I would have liked to test it for a longer period of time.
  5. Pur-lisse Mud Mask – I have not tried this product. I have added so many new products to my collection, that it’s hard to test them all so quickly.
  6. Belif Hungarian Water Essence – This is a nice and lightweight product. It sinks into the skin quickly and provides some light moisture. I would not suggest this to those who have very dry skin.
  7. Pixi Glow Tonic – This is one of the brands best selling skin care. I have tried it several times and have not noticed a significant difference yet. The nice part is that it does not strip my skin and is not harsh in any way.
  8. Physician’s Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer – I have only tried this product once, so I do not have a set open on this product yet. The one time I used it, the product made my skin feel soft and my skin was lightly illuminated. I will continue to try this product.
  9. Derma-E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil – I have not used this product. I have enjoyed Derma E products in the past, so I have high hopes for this product.
  10. Grande Lash Primer – I have tried this a few times and have not seen a real difference in my lashes. The color of this product is white, but this does not show through the mascara. I have used this with a mascara I already love and I did not see a difference in length or volume.
  11. Bioderma Moisturizer – I love this product. It was light weight and sunk into my skin quickly. It was gentle and did not make my skin breakout. It provided my skin the right amount of moisture before applying a primer and foundation. I will likely repurchase this product.

Hair Products

Ok, so I will not be listing the products in this section because they show well in the photograph and I don’t really use many hair products outside of shampoo and conditioner. I plan to eventually try these but this makes me nervous because my hair gets greasey so quickly. When I have tried hair products in the past, my hair would look like a grease ball within hours. Have you guys tried any products that have worked for you? Please tell me below.

Nail Polish and Misc. Items

  1. Kokie Nail Polish – I have not tried this product yet. I used to love wearing nail polish, but then I had kids and they chip so quickly that it doesn’t feel worth it. This polish is a pretty purple and will likely use it with my next pedicure.
  2. Meg Nail Polish – This was a sample size duo that came in the bag. It was a darker purple and a neutral brown color. I have not tried this, but will try to soon.
  3. Pacifica Make-Up Remover wipes – I did not care for these wipes. They were not very damp and did not remove much make-up with one wipe. I much prefer my Kirkland Brand Wipes, which are very reasonably priced.
  4. Vital Protein Shake Mixers – To be honest, I will not be using this product. I am currently nursing my 7 month old and do not feel it’s safe to change up my rountine with these types of products. I really did not like that they put this sample in here because I feel this is very hit and miss with people. I personally do not like taking supplements or extra medicine to “enhance” what my body can do. I know other people feel differently and this is ok. Vitamins, minerals and addatives are always personal preference.

Purchased Items

While I was at Ipsy Generation Beauty, I had the ability to purchase some products at a discounted price. I was really excited about the wide variety of items I purchased and motivates to me try other products from these brands.

  1. Pixi by Petra Liquid Fairy Lights – LOVE this product! It was beautiful on the eyes and did not crease. Each color was great and I am super excited to continue to add these to my make-up looks.
  2. Bioderma Micellar Water – Love this product. I am able to remove all my make-up and it does not sting around my eyes. It does not leave an oily residue nor does it break me out. I will continue to use this product.
  3. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer – This is a beautiful highlight. Many of you might have heard about this from YouTube because this product was hyped about a year ago. It’s beautiful on my skin tone and does not emphasize any of my texture.
  4. IBY Desert Vibes Palate – This a nice palate. It is not my favorite, but it blends easily and provides some great looks. I truly just need to spend more time playing with this palate.

I know this was a long blog, but I really wanted to share all the products I received from Ipsy Generation Beauty. I feel very blessed to be able to go to the convention and was shocked about how much we received. I was only there for the first day and couldn’t believe the amount of products that each vendor had.